Plant a Tree


  • 1 Tree

    Every week
    Plant 1 Tree Each Week
    • Carbon Offset 1.25 metric tons
  • 10 Trees

    Every month
    Offset your Food & Diet.
    • Carbon Offset 2.6 metric tons
  • Most Popular

    30 Trees

    Every month
    Offset your Flights & Travel.
    • Carbon Offset 7.8 metric tons
  • 50 Trees

    Every month
    Offset your Personal Lifestyle.
    • Carbon Offset 13 metric tons
  • 150 Trees

    Every month
    Offset your Family Lifestyle.
    • Carbon Offset 39 metric tons
  • 300 Trees

    Every month
    Offset a Small Business.
    • Carbon Offset 78 metric tons
  • 1000 Trees

    Every month
    Offset a Big Business.
    • Carbon Offset 260 metric tons

*Renews until cancelled

A pioneering study by over 300 scientists has discovered that planting 1 trillion trees would stop runaway global warming & absorb two thirds of our anthropogenic (human caused) CO2Forest Smoothie® planting plans are based on each tree absorbing 48lbs of carbon dioxide per year and reaching maturity after 10 years.

Your monthly subscription reduces the impact of your lifestyle by planting trees, the best nature based solution we have available to stop global warming. In addition to absorbing carbon dioxide, trees also produce oxygen, filter pollution, maintain soils and regulate the weather...defending us against life threatening fires, storms & flooding. Plans can be cancelled anytime & include a certificate and receipt.