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How we work?

We partner with experienced NGO's who understand the needs of the local environment & community.


Proving our impact!

We publicly share photos & GPS coordinates for every project.

You can find all our funded projects on the map above.

Plant & Protect

Forest Smoothie® plants and protects trees with our NGO partners, The Orangutan Project based in Sumatra, The Borneo Nature Foundation based in Central Borneo and Sekolah Adat a school for Indigenous Dayak children based in West Borneo. Our projects take a wholistic approach and use the best of modern science & indigenous wisdom to protect the 2nd largest tropical rainforest on the planet!

Project 01, Sumatra

In Sumatra we work with our friends The Orangutan Project to protect some of the oldest primary rainforest on the planet. We do this by increasing the number of Wildlife Protection Units & Illegal Logging Patrols, monitoring trucks & trade routes, plus funding legal actions and running education programs in schools & villages.   

Project 02, Borneo

In Central Kalimantan we work with our friends The Borneo Nature Foundation to plant numerous endemic species in the largest lowland rainforest in Borneo. Our project focusses on regenerating areas that have been poorly affected by illegal logging & wild fires to restore this beautiful  ecosystem for the people & wildlife.

Project 03, Borneo

In West Borneo we help fund Sekolah Adat a customary school for up to 100 indigenous children that passes on the language and traditions that help children grow to be responsible custodians of the earth. Our project also funds a nursery for growing fruit & hardwood trees that have been lost to the timber and palm oil industry.

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