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  • What is the Forest Smoothie®
    Forest Smoothie® is a plant-based drink that is freshly made by cafes all over the world and plants a tree per sale.
  • Do you provide the Forest Smoothie® for your partners
    No, the Forest Smoothie® is freshly made by our partners using locally sourced ingredients and plant-based milks.
  • Is there a Forest Smoothie® recipe
    Yes there are currently over 40 recipes to choose from OR you can create your own.
  • How do we place the Forest Smoothie® on our menu
    To help customers recognise the Forest Smoothie® all partners must refer to it by name & include our tagline. Using our logo is optional. Forest Smoothie® | 6.5USD* Oat Milk, Açai, Mixed Berries, Banana, Cinnamon. *Every Forest Smoothie® plants & protects trees @forestsmoothie
  • Can we use the Forest Smoothie® trademark
    Yes Forest Smoothie® partners use our trademark on the agreement they donate 50% of net profit (a minimum of 1.4usd) to plant & protect trees.
  • How do Forest Smoothie® Partners make donations
    We send Forest Smoothie® Partners a monthly newsletter which includes an update on our planting projects & a reminder (including a link) to make your donation. You can make your donations here
  • How much do Forest Smoothie® Partners donate
    Forest Smoothie® asks our Partners to donate 50% of the net profit from each Forest Smoothie® sold. A minimum of 1.4 USD is required to plant a tree & cover our operational costs. You can read about our donations here
  • Do you ship the Forest Smoothie® as a product
    No, currently the Forest Smoothie® is only available by visiting one of our Partners in eleven countries. You can find our Partners here
  • Why isn't the Forest Smoothie® available as a product
    Forest Smoothie® will be available as a product when we find our dream partner & can guarantee its carbon footrpint will be neutral OR positive.
  • What is the Forest Smoothie® Add-On
    The Forest Smoothie® Add-On allows customers to pay an extra 1.4usd on their food bill to plant a tree.
  • How does the Forest Smoothie® Add-On work
    The Forest Smoothie® Add-On can be chosen by a customer online or at a point of sale, once selected the fee is transferred to us and we plant their tree.
  • What is the Forest Smoothie® Planet Loyalty Card
    The Forest Smoothie® Planet Loyalty Card is a unique spin on the coffee loyalty card and rewards coffee drinkers with a tree after purchasing the required amount of coffees.
  • How does the Forest Smoothie® Planet Loyalty Card work
    The Forest Smoothie® Planet Loyalty Card works like a normal loyalty card, but when the required amount of coffee purchases have been made, 1.4usd is transferred to us and we plant the customers tree.
  • What is Treetracker® technology
    Forest Smoothie® is one of the first brands in the world to use Treetracker® technology and provide proof of planting. This allows us to capture a photo of each tree which we then digitise on the blockchain as a 'tree token' and send to partners or customers.
  • Where does Forest Smoothie® plant & protect trees
    Forest Smoothie® currently plants and protects trees in Borneo, Haiti, Madagascar & Kenya the location of some of the worlds largest pristine forest, biodiversity & carbon stores. You can read about our planting projects here
  • Will Forest Smoothie® plant & protect trees in other countries
    Yes, as Forest Smoothie® Partners join us from other countries we will expand our tree planting activities.
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