Do you provide the Forest Smoothie® for your F&B Partners

No, our F&B Partners make the Forest Smoothie® using locally sourced ingredients and mostly plant-based milks.

Is there a Forest Smoothie® recipe

Yes there are currently over 30 recipes to choose from OR you can create your own. You can find our recipes here

How do we place the Forest Smoothie® on our menu

Once you've created your Forest Smoothie® the next step is to place it on your menu, all Forest Smoothie® F&B Partners are encouraged to use our tagline: "Every Forest Smoothie® sold plants a tree or protects an acre of forest @forestsmoothie" You can find our logo here

Can we use the Forest Smoothie® trademark

Yes Forest Smoothie® F&B partners are encouraged to use our trademark on the agreement they donate 50% of net profit to plant & protect trees. You can find our logo here

Do you ship the Forest Smoothie® as a product

No, currently the Forest Smoothie® is only available by visiting one of our F&B Partners in seven countries. You can find our F&B Partners here

Why isn't the Forest Smoothie® available as a product

Forest Smoothie® will be available as a product when we find our dream partner & can guarantee its carbon footrpint will be neutral OR positive.

Where does Forest Smoothie® plant & protect trees

Forest Smoothie® currently plants and protects trees in Borneo & Sumatra the location of some of the worlds largest pristine forest, biodiversity & carbon stores. You can read about our planting projects here

Will Forest Smoothie® plant & protect trees in other countries

Yes, as Forest Smoothie® grows we will plant trees all over the world.

Can i plant trees with Forest Smoothie®

Yes, Forest Smoothie® is working with our NGO Partners to provide tailored experiences for our F&B Partners and the public. These will include: 1. Tree Planting with a pre-determined goal. 2. Tree Planting with a wholistic scientific focus. 3. Tree Planting with a community focus. 4. Tree Planting with an Indigenous focus. All experiences will be fun & educational : )

How do F&B Partners make their Forest Smoothie® donation

Forest Smoothie® sends our F&B Partners a monthly newsletter which includes an update on our projects & a reminder (including a link) to make your donation. You can read about our donations here

How much do Forest Smoothie® F&B Partners donate

Forest Smoothie® asks our F&B Partners to donate 50% of the net profit from each Forest Smoothie® sold. *Note 1.4 USD allows us to plant a tree, cover our operational costs & top-up our tree fund. You can read about our donations here




Forest Smoothie® is a reforestation project for

the Food & Beverage industry. Forest Smoothie® F&B partners are permitted to sell our trademark drink on the agreement they donate 50% of net profit to plant & protect trees!

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